In our modern factory, the floor in production and store is designed as a solvent-resisting tub system, so that no water-polluting solvents can get into groundwater.

As a matter of fact, all facilities are exposion-proof and all rooms are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. Our cooling water runs in a closed circuit and in case of a fire the water for fire fighting will be collected by special barriers.

When filling the underground, double-wall tank facilities, the gas volume which is displaced by the rising solvent level is taken up to the road tank car again in a gas displacement procedure.
During tanking, the complete road tank car stands in a collection tub in order to avoid a pollution of groundwater in a case of a possible hose disconnection.  

Last but not least, our customers can discharge their used paint cans via the KBS System in an environmentally compatible manner and our acount.

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Die Lackproduktion im 21. Jahrhundert - bei uns eine sichere und ressourcenschonende Zukunftstechnologie.