Company History - Industrial Coatings

Now as before, Industrial Coatings form our bottom line. Our production program is completed by Anticorrosive Paints and Mixing Systems.

We supply most different industries: From steel works and container manufacturers to moulders, from lamp, kitchen stove or household appliance factory and radiator producers to candle manufacturers, from crane, vessel or steel builders and foundries and general mechanical engineering to agricultural machine industry- This list could be extended at will.

Our data base for industrial lacquers and vanishes includes approx. 3000 standard formulations and nearly every day we develop new 'tailor-made suits' for ourcustomers. As different as the specifications may be, there are still some features that basically characterise our systems of industrial coatings:

  • Competent consulting
  • High product quality
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • high safety of application
  • Ecologically compatible processing
  • "Just-In-Time delivery
  • Perfect small quantity service