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Karl van Megen

In 1924 Heinrich van Megen founded a lacquer and varnish factory in Bochum-Langendreer of the same name. Only industrial lacquers and varnishes are produced for iron and steel producing industry at Rhein and Ruhr, the Krupp Group of companies being one of the first customers. Despite the world-wide economic crisis, the young company develops well and is already moved to a larger production facility in Krefeld-Hüls in 1930.
The company founder dies young and his still young son Heinrich takes the helm in 1932. Soon roof varnishes, oleo-resinous varnishes and black varnishes enjoy a good reputation. for example, all Wehrmacht beds are coated with aluminium bronze of Heinrich van Megen KG. 

World War II leaves deep traces in the company history: Heinrich van Megen is missing in action and his mother Laura and a few loyal employees under great difficulties care for the continued existence of the company.
After the end of World War II, the second son of the company founder, the chemist Karl van Megen, enters the company. Under his direction, a new generation of industrial lacquers and varnishes is developed that result in a continuous growth in the 50ies and the 60ies. In 1964, the first water-borne coating is used in large-scale production of a leading household appliance manufacturer.

After the end of the economic miracle, the oil crisis in the 70ies becomes the trigger for considerable structural changes and a beginning spate of mergers in lacquer and varnish industry that is recognisable until now.
In the 80ies, the increased environmental awareness leads to enormous restrictions and considerable capital spending. Heinrich van Megen KG, as many other lacquer and varnish companies, has to cope with environmental problems and serious market changes during this period. Finally, all difficulties can be overcome by the activities of two generations.
In 1984, after nearly 40 years of activities for his company, the senior director assigns the control to his sons Dr. Heinrich and Karl van Megen.

The 90ies are turbulent as well:
In 1994, the company burns down to the foundation walls. Despite this catastrophe there is no giving up. While production can be continued in the facilities of a business friend, Karl van Megen (who meanwhile is sole company director) starts the erection of a new company in the neighbouring town of Kempen.

After initial difficulties to work the new production plant at 100%, he finally succeeds to open up completely new market segments with the development of modern car repair varnishes.
Today, the MEGACOLOR Series of car repair varnishes has already achieved a sales volume of 50% and is exported world-wide along with the classical industrial lacquers and varnishes.

Of course, we are a bit proud after 80 years of existence as a mediumsized family-owned lacquer and varnish factory, however, never without forgetting the basis for our success:
A highly committed labour force and a lot of regular customers who every employee as always given his best for.