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18.Every day, a surface of 18000 m² is coated with our industrial lacquers and vanishess. Thousends of plastic parts are coloured with our colour pastes every day and our anticorrosive paints reliably protect structural steel elements from corrosion for many years. Our customers coat 2000 vehicles every day with our MEGACOLOR vehicle repair vanishes.

This is reason enough for our laboratories to let our products get to our customers after thoroughly performed quality inspections. In order to avoid quality slumps from the very beginning, we have established a Quality Management System and we have been audited by TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Of course, we do not only worry about product quality but also about our environment and the health and safety of vanishers:

Water based coatings and highsolids with low solvent contents and a pigmention which is free from heavy metals are included in our delivery program as obvious as the development of innovative vanish system according to the new VOC guideline with considerable reduced solvent emissions.